Four Stage Sales Revenue Funnel

Supercharge Every Component of the Sales Revenue Equation

Four stage revenue funnel

Each of your customer-facing teams is uniquely suited to supercharge a different component of the sales revenue equation.

To get most out of your sales transformation effort, you've got to bring to bear the full power of your organization.

Don't waste the rare talents and precious capabilities that took years to assemble. Get everyone on the same page. Implement the four stage revenue funnel and squeeze every last ounce of money from every term of the sales revenue equation.



Corporate Strategy & Product Management teams lead these targeting, research, and planning activities that increase win rates.

Like a championship sports team, you increase win rates by preparing to win before you ever step onto the field. If you don't prepare the RIGHT way, then you don't get to play in the big games.

In STAGE 1 activities, you identify the customers you can win BEFORE you invest your time and money. You create Go-To-Market Plans that target the right customers, stake out a superior competitive position, and establish your unassailable value proposition.

When you master STAGE 1, you dominate your field.




Marketing & Communications teams lead these demand generation, communication, and prospecting activities that increase quality leads.

You increase quality leads by correctly engaging your prospects on their BUYER'S JOURNEY. When you fail to show the way, prospects wander off the path (and buy something else).

In STAGE 2 activities, you READY more prospects for the sale, PRIME your sales pipeline, and SIDESTEP the least likely to buy. You lead Campaigns that grab the attention of your prospects, nurture their interest in your solution, and develop them into prospective buyers.

When you master STAGE 2, you create ready buyers.




Sales & Services teams lead these selling, qualifying, and closing activities that increase deal sizes.

You increase deal sizes by skillfully collaborating with prospects to develop opportunities. If you fail to provide the context for value, you DISCOUNT away your profit.

In STAGE 3 activities, you PROMOTE larger deals and ENCOURAGE customers to buy from you (and no one else). You execute your Sales Process to lead prospects through consultative discovery, develop qualified buyers, demonstrate exclusive value, and close profitable business.

When you master STAGE 3, you build the biggest deals.




Customer Success & Enterprise Support teams lead these upselling, renewal, and expansion activities that decrease sales cycles.

You decrease sales cycles by PROACTIVELY turning customer support into a roadmap for success. When you don't, you will fail to defend the account (and might lose it).

In STAGE 4 activities, you LEVERAGE a single success into multiple, recurring REVENUE STREAMS. You lead customers along the Business Roadmap that drives upsell and cross-sell opportunities, secures renewals, and develops powerful customer references.

When you master STAGE 4, you establish lifetime customers.



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